This proposal aims the design of a platform that enables collaborative applications to run on top of Desktop Grids, based on previous experience of the proposers in the 
Integrade and Telex projects. InteGrade is a Brazilian multi-university effort that offers a robust and flexible Desktop Grid. It supports resources management, availability prediction for application scheduling, execution management, and fault tolerance. The Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) takes part in the InteGrade project.  In this proposal we plan to extend InteGrade in order to offer efficient data-sharing support for cooperative applications, exploiting the expertise of INRIA Regal team in this area. Regal has developed the Telex software, a data sharing platform for collaborative applications, which takes care of complex application-dependent aspects, such as replication and conflict repair. To cope with the latency and failures that characterise Desktop Grids we will leverage Telex's optimistic approach to data-sharing: a user accesses a local replica, avoiding synchronisation, but conflicts are detected and solved and agreement about the coherence of replicas is eventually reached.

A second aim of this project is to validate our middleware based on Integrade and Telex with a real distributed cooperative application. The application will extend AGHU (Aplicativo de Gestão para Hospitais Universitários - Management Application for University Hospitals) under development by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), which implements a unified management model to be adopted by all federal university hospitals. The AGHU database is designed to store all data concerning patients and their care, such as consultations, examinations (including image-based ones), hospitalizations, surgeries, prescriptions, among others. There are several university hospitals over Brazil that already run the first available modules of AGHU on their own servers. Among them, we mention the Presidente Dutra University Hospital, maintained by the Federal University of Maranhão, that joined the AGHU project since its beginning and pioneered its use in the North/Northeast of Brazil. However, each AGHU installation runs independently, without being integrated in a collaborative environment. Thus, we propose our InteGrade/Telex solution to help integrate all the AGHUs installations, which would allow the university hospitals to share data and information cooperatively, as well as other computing resources, such as processor power for performing computationally intensive tasks and specialized peripherals. In this way, we will be able to provide a rich collaborative environment, which can help the establishment of partnerships between health care professionals and their institutions.

Executing institutions:
Universidade Federal do Maranhão - UFMA, LSDi Laboratory
University Pierre et Marie Curie - UPMC, LIP6 Laboratory

The projetc team:
Francisco José da Silva e Silva (UFMA) - coordinator
Sébastien Monnet (UPMC) - coordinator
Marc Shapiro (UPMC)
Samyr Béliche Vale (UFMA)
Luciana Arantes (UPMC)